Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Do you know that song? Today for the first time that Adron was a part of Chapel.

I had called Nathan to tell him that I was in Chapel with Adron and he should stop by. When I got back into the room we started talking about the Bible (good thing to talk about in Chapel). We have these huge letter that spell out Bible and we sing every song that we know about Bibles. Today Adron was the "B"! I thought OH NO he's going to wip that thing around and act crazy... BUT he did a great job singing the song, trying to hold his letter while doing hand movements. Again I was thinking OH NO I wish Nathan could see this. (because I didnt have the camera) But Nathan was sitting in the door way, Adron saw him but finished his job before running over to Nathan. Nathan had to stay for the rest of Chapel then..

I'm learning something everyday that Adron can do because he is learning at school. Just Sunday I found out he knows his A B C's. Well the song. But still what a smart boy we have and next time I'm bringing the camera with me!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Before Pictures

After Pictures

Trophy Wife

Today is the dawn of a new era. Macey cut her hair!
She looks more beautiful than the day I first laid eyes on her standing in mall wearing all black eating chocolate on Valentine's Day. She has conquered many things this year. She has lost all her baby weight, taken a lead teachers position at school, teaches Sunday morning Bible class, and to top it off...cut her beautiful blonde locks! Perhaps more important than anything she takes care of Adron and I.

I am proud of her. Her new style represents her free spirit and healthy self-esteem.
She is my trophy wife!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday nights

Tonight we go to the park with our friends Dana and Ryan. This is the place you will now be able to find us on Wednesday nights. Going to UP is like going into a small town ( with lots of money) and feeling safe. Everyone plays and talks to each other, there are not that many people around. For that over the hump Wednesday it is a great way to end the day.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Game Night

Mom speaking here: This was the BEST!!!! game that I've ever been to. Talk about fun, exciting entertaining! Wow what a great time. Now I can't tell you what kind of pitch was thrown or how many funs was scored and what was the color of the other team? What I can tell you is Adron is the funnyest kid I know. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did tonight.

We have been talking about the game all day and he was ready to get into the car when our friend Dana got there to pick us up. I think he thought that we were going to get Ryan.. but heres how the night went. Meet our friends at the church, got a snack and started off down the road. Adron, full of excitment, was ready to play game. He had the right food, drink and shirt ready to go.... then fell a sleep on the way there. Get to the parking lot and Rob was nice enough to hold him as we walked. Then my friend Candice, that will be having a baby, took a turn. Adron decied that he needed to share the love around. So know after kicking some teen out of our seat we are ready to go...

Now did I tell you at the door they gave us rolled up poster? Here is when the fun started. My boy can find any way to turn something into a sport. Tonight's game was hitting people with his new bat! Two people thought it would be good to move ... I don't understand why at this point he and Dana were the only ones playing this game. He's dancing-hitting... what kind of mom am I? Do I put a stop to this madness or do I think "Dana doesn't mind my kid is really happy". So I decided to keep laughing and not say a work becasue I CAN'T say anything because I'm laughing so hard tears are starting to come out of my eyes. I do believe by this time the crowd around us was laughing and enjoying my friend Dana being pounded by the 2 year old. So I think a few innings went by and not so sure what happend.

But games really don't get any better until the 5th inning anyways. Adron is needing a challenge by this point and thinks it would be fun to hit the boy two rows down and with two tries he does just that. I, laughing, tell the young man sorry and that he had been trying to do this all night. He didn't think I was very funny. In the mean time Candice has garlic fries and we need to get some more to drink and snacks. Adron was retaxing with Rob enjoying the game while Dana and I went to go get food. We came back with: water, big pretzal, nacho's with pepper (because the lady said we needed them becasue we are in Texas) super duper size diet coke for Dana. Came back Adron is very happy with the snacks he says yumm yummm. He got wild again -finds his new bat and starts the game all over again. But this time he likes the people behind us. They were really nice and told me to let him swing and maybe he would make me some money one day. Candice is now the target while Dana is holding the nacho's he feels the need to hit her some too! Once again do I step in and help my friends out or can I even do this because I'm laughing so hard. Yeah, I kept on laughing.. now the snacks have spilled Adron is done playing and let me tell you about the game, really I started watching, because we were on tv -lots of action on our end of the feild. Top of the 6th -bases loaded, and Adron says "bye bye" (it's time to go home).

I don't know who won or if the game is even over at this point but I do know that this was the best game I've ever been to.


Ready for the game

Me and mom are going to my first Rangers game tonight and she got me my first Rangers shirt today to wear to the game.

yummmmm looks good! Did anyone say snack?
Ryan and I playing last Wednesday night

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One Year has Passed!

School days...

One year ago I started blogging and one year ago my little boy went to school for the first time. Check out the Sept. page of 2005 to see how much he has grown.

Everything is still the same. Ms. Mary is still his teacher -I love her dearly. This year Adron is walking in all by himself! He had a great first day back! He will always love bubbles I suppose. His' teacher said that he colored with dot-dot's, played outside, and read lots of books! His teacher's claim he is still happy, curious, cooperative (really?:), busy, and chatty.

Keep a look-out. I'll be posting some of Adron's up and coming art masterpieces!

It's great to be back!

Adron and Mom

School starting

I'm so Big!

My best teacher Ms. Mary. She told me today that I was her helper and I was the best boy ever!