Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pumpkin Head

A day with Candice and Rob

Yesterday I had lots of fun! While mom and dad spent some time together Candice and Rob played with me. My favorite thing was going to the Farmer's market across from their house and seeing all the cool stuff especially the pumpkins!

It was great outside yesterday. We were safe from the hurricane, but we got wind to cool things down. It was nice because going outside isn't any fun when it's over 100 degrees!

Well, Rob and Candice took good care of me. We played and I helped Rob do some computer work. Later we found my tennis ball uder the entertainment center. I threw up my lunch on their nice couch and that's no fun. But Candice gave me a bath and it was great! I always feel like playing after a bath. Thanks for a great time guys!

Adron T.

Friday, September 16, 2005

School days

So I've been going to school now for 2 weeks and really love it! I do art projects with paint and dot-dots. Miss Mary is my teacher on M-W-F, she is also my teacher at church. ( you can see her on my picture at church) Miss Pauline is my teacher on T-Th. Miss Pauline is a lot of fun because she plays with me and gives me lots of hugs. I get to see my mom sometimes and we play with bubbles. I get a report each day to tell my mom how I did, the teacher always writes how chatty I am! They also say I'm curious because I want to know what everyone is doing! I eat all my lunch everyday and go to sleep for them.

Mom says we are going on a trip for my birthday and we are going to stay at my Papa Rick and Grammy Lesa's house. We are going to have a big party for me and I'm going to wear my camo pants because they will be hunting when we get there.

Thanks for checking me out!! I really miss my family and cant wait to see them again soon.
Keep looking for a new picture soon, mom took one of me this morning with my dino shirt on!

Adron T.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Hi everyone,
In honor of turning 1 year old in less than a month I thought I should start my own blog so that you can watch me grow. I love my family and friends.

You can come here anytime you want to see me. Please write to me here and tell me about you.

Happy bloggin'!

Adron T.