Monday, February 25, 2008

Houston ready for school

Adron showing you his green beans

Dinner at the Tillotson's

Tonight dad had to work, so the boys and I had dinner together. WIth dad gone this was time to show the boys that mom was cool. Hot dogs! Now, we had to have some veggies. Houston needed to have some fun too, so he had so apples for the first time. He also has a new place to sit at the table with a new chair so he can see us.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Houston at church today

Can you tell this kid is a PK?

Adron always taking a bath....

When we have had a hard day at school, one of the first things I make the boys do is take a bath. Adron will spend an hour in the tub "swimming". This is a good way to pass the time before Nathan comes home. Also next would be dinner, then he would go to bed early.... and if you know Adron he doesn't like going to bed like he likes taking a bath.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

4 months

Houston as of Feb. 11th is 4 months old
Weight 13.12 (25%)
Length 26 (88%)
Head 16 1/2(42%)

We started cereal today. It was fun I don't know how much got into his mouth. He had fun playing and chewing on the spoon. We are still working on this one...

Ah Adron and Houston

How cute are they... Adron is a good big brother, he asked if Houston could take a bath with him... they are best buds now

Once again

Trying to take pictures of this boy smiling but I think it's the camera ... I need a new one for my birthday hint hint....

Be My Valentine

The boys and us went to the park last weekend and here are the Valentine picture

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adron's New Cars and the Park

Today we went to the park to take Valentine's pictures. It was about 74 degrees today at the hottest part. We went to park we've never been to before to get some good pictures. In this video I shot a quick 360 of the park for our families.

Houston Dean

Adron at the park

The Letter "P" is for...

Video Time!

Maybe the writer's strike is over!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Can you tell them apart

Sweet Boy

Sunny Day

Today reached 69 degrees in Dallas. It was beautiful. Ou friend Will Maya came over to play this morning. Will just turned two. He is welcome in our home anytime as long as his dad, Jeff, keep sharing his home cooked brisket. Good stuff! We took Will to the park to play.

And I'm going to do a daily hair blog for Houston. It's amazing how fast it grows.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Storm today

Today during car pool a big storm hit.
Yes, my car was covered!

Church Together we worship

Adron at church up front

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The gang

I tried to get everyone to hold still for a picture. Maddie was wanting to touch Adron, and Houston just wanted out of there. It was fun trying.

Thursday's with Maddie

On Thursday's Maddie come over to play with us. Adron has so much fun playing with her. This week we were teaching her how to play ball. Maddie would just laugh at Adron. Then we went to Houston's room to play and read books. Before we knew it Maddie's daddy was here to pick her up.