Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Houston today on "green day"

It's fun being Houston's teacher, I get to give him the healthy snacks or take away the unhealthy ones when I think he has had enough. It's my camera, so when I see something super cute I get to catch it.. The downside is, when he gets sleepy around 12:30ish he's ready for me to stop being teacher and be his mom and not play with the other kiddos. That's when we get out the bubbles and sing songs. By the time we get out to the car, 1:15ish, he's about asleep and will sleep for a few hours after that.

When it's not snowing

Between the snow days it's really nice outside and we wash cars, it's was in the high 70's for a few days before it turned cold rainy, snowy. we are so over the winter weather around here


Nathan on his 30th
Macey on her 30th