Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What the Tillotson's have been up to..

Summer activities have been keeping us busy around here. There have been your usually summer fun, swimming, cooking out, ball games, and camp. Last week, the boys and I ran around going different places then hit the ball field in the evening. Nathan was at work camp at the church; by the end of the week we were ready for some sleep. I had fun playing ball again, then being a mom when I got into the dug out. I played first base and had the best time doing the splits to catch the ball. I got a few bumps and burses along the way, but nothing worth showing off. Friday night I went by myself and we lost the game, I'm thinking next time I need my lucky boys with me. Or maybe it's because Adron thinks his mom is soooooo cool because she plays "bceball" and I do a better job knowing that he is watching. Looking forward to playing with the PRCOC ladies in the spring. I do, however, need a new ball glove. I had retired mine and put it up for some home decor in Adron's room. I'm thinking about a pink glove, batting gloves, and shoes might make a great statement to the other ladies. One team even had on pink shirts and skirts they made a great fashion statement but the also came in last place, but they looked cute and they were very nice.

Nathan's still working all the time and loving his new job. He still gets every Monday off to hang out with us, I tell yaw when he's home we do more work so we need Tuesday to recover from adventures with dad. He has been swimming a lot in the evening to get some exercise.

Ohh more about me. Along with my softball career I've started training for a race in Sept. I got a great schedule M-Sat. of cross training, walking, and running. I've also changed my diet to a vegetarian diet to help me run faster, not carrying all this baby weight. Back to the family....

Houston: growing like all good boys should. He does a "Houston crawl" that is moving on his hands and one leg. He can also walk beside you if you are holding one of his hands, pulls up. He is eating table food. He screams for my chicken, noodles and slow cooked green beans. Banana's, apples, cooked carrots, bread, cheerios (I found this one out when I helped teach his ss class) plus 10 oz of formula before bed. He sleeps so well, takes great naps and goes with the flow with Adron's activities. He talks all the time, new words this week.. "ut oh" or sometimes it's "o o" dada, momma, and he talks with his hands to Adron like he knows what he is telling him.

Adron: eating us out of house and home. Growing way to fast, and it's hard to believe that he will be 4 in a few months. The best thing I can come up with that he is doing new these days its "burting" on command. Adron's dictionary of a "burt" is a fart, windy, toot. We have never told him different because he thinks this is funny and you never know when he needs a good laugh. So when we are in Wal-Mart and he is bored he will throw out a good one and just die laughing... Really I'm laughing inside, while telling him not to do that AT ALL!! But I guess it's an Etheridge thing, his uncle will be so proud.

This week our friends from Dallas, Maddie, and her parents come into town to join us at the beach. I will not be posting due to no Internet service there.. oh darn going to have to spend my days on the beach!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Nathan and I have been really busy this week. He has had work camp every night and I've been playing softball every night. Here are a few pictures to hold you over

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

9 months

Houston today
Adron at 9 mo
Houston was 9 months last Friday. He has 6 teeth, still crawling backwards, eating cheerios and puffs. He loves to be on his feet and wishes that he could walk like his big brother.

Here is Houston when he was born, today, and Adron at 9 months.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Today at Monkey Joe's

Back at our house

We made it back to NC safe and sound. Very tired and it took us the rest of the week to recover from the time change and jet lag. The kids did great with all day traveling and slept on the planes. That gave me a few minutes to close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Friday Nathan took the day off to hang out with us. It had been 3 weeks to long, that we had spent time together. We headed out in the morning to Cane Creek to go hiking; Adron was saying "hocking", and paddle boating. Houston enjoyed to part where he had to put on a life jacket. Next it was walking in the woods. We saw many bugs and huge spiders! Adron also found a Barbie with no clothes on. Adron said it was adventure stepping over the horse poop. These city folk know how to rough it.

Today we meet our friends to play at Monkey Joe's. I think Nathan and I had more fun then what the kids did bouncing in the bounce houses and going down the slides. What a work out!!! The kids took a great nap then we went swimming so they would go to sleep this evening. We ended up swimming for 2 hours came back and made homemade pizza for dinner. Houston couldn't stay up long enough for the pizza, but you know who is still up! We had fun hanging out with Nathan again; the boys really missed their daddy. Adron is still talking about Chucky Cheese and asking when we are going to papaw's house again. I think he has been dreaming about the plane rides.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Ohhh... Wait... This was RedNeck

On Saturday we woke up to the smell of pork burgers cooking, orange shake-ups shaking and a small town buzzing about the parade that was happening at 10. We meet my friend Wendy and her girls so we could sit together, help the kids gather candy and make fun of everything a small town has to offer. This is what we found at the parade, huge undies hanging from a line with people that were missing their teeth. It was a great experience for the kids and me. Go ECHS!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

RedNeck 4th of July

Tail gating, big trucks, small town, this is about our 4th of July. There were a lot of "firsts" going on for my boys this 4th. Houston's first firework show, Adron first time in a back of a truck. We had pizza, veggies, and cupcakes for Mom's birthday. Papaw and Adron went to play golf to pass the time away. We got there at 5:45 in an old Walmart parking lot. By 6ish the Etheridge family was all there. There were only a few car at this time but no one had a spread like we did. By dark time the parking lot of packed with big trucks waiting for the fireworks. Start of the fireworks, thank goodness Carson was entertaining or we would have been really boried. Carson would clap and cheer for every boom. Adron was going back and forth between Carson with uncle and the back of the big truck. Houston slept, and Owen was cat napping. The fireworks were not that good but it was fun to hang out with the family. They do this kind of thing all the time and we only hear about it. Like the time they forgot to tell Cassie that they were NOT going to eat pizza and she was there waiting for them... they talk about that all the time... haaa haaa But I say, they forgot to call me too!!!

This week..

We are rounding out the last few days here at Papaw's and Grammy's camp. We tired to rest a little this week because we had been running around to much!!

This week we:
Monday: play with our cousins at the Mt. Carmel park. We had so much fun, uncle Jamie even cooked for us... hotdogs... ummmm

Tuesday: We played at Grammy's house with Katie and Riley. We went to the park, went swimming OH, went and got ice cream cones, and last went to Grandma Longbon's house to mess it up, or should I say leave my mark.

Wednesday: We meet cousin Seily and Max to play at the park. We played for 2 hours, it was a nice day. Mommy meet Aunt Cassie to get there feet done.

Thursday: I stayed at Grammy camp and Mommy and Houston went with Aunt Cassie and Owen to Evansville to go shopping. They were gone a really long time. I couldn't stay up for them I took a nap waiting for them to come home. At Grammy camp it rained most of the day so we went fishing. Katie and Riley helped me make little fishes and a poll and we got point for every fist we caught. That was fun...

Friday: Grammy's Birthday!!! We went to my mom's high school friends house and played with Heidi and her new baby sister. We went outside and hit baseballs with her dad, and she even had a swing set and lots of yard to play in. It was back to Grammy's house were she made cookies for us. ummmm and party time in the evening. But I was tired again.... time to take a nap... shshshuuuuu... I'm tired after all of that! Adron