Saturday, May 31, 2008

Went to Waffle's House.

The family had never been to a Waffle house before. We told Adron that we were going this Saturday morning and he was so excited to go to Mr. Waffle's House. ( like this is someone that we know?)

Nathan had always talked about going there when we were in Nashville, and many times they’re with his dad. As we drove around for 30 minutes or so trying to find one, we found one! As we were pulling in Nathan say's " the classy folk go here". OKKKKK, I guess they don’t have a health food menu? Adron and I had waffles, Nathan had some egg sandwich that had pickles on it... yuck! Coffee smelled like smoke, from all the people smoking. In Dallas, you can't smoke anywhere! The nice thing about it was, we were in and out of there in 30 minutes, that's really good with 2 kids! Maybe next time we will order something different.

It's off to a cookout and go swimming. Our friends have a heated pool. It's still a little cold to swim around here. Should be fun!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Few pictures of the boys this week.

Here is Adron showing us his gum. This is after Adron got a hair cut by his dad. Houston, wanted his picture taken. It is fun to take his picture now, he is always has a smile for me.

Play Group

Today is the first time the gang come over to the Tillotson's place to play with us. We played at the playground for an hour, then went to our "crib" for some lunch. Thanks Drew, Korah, Noah for coming to play with us. Ava and Grace, I hope you get to feeling better and can join us next time we really missed ya.

Monday, May 26, 2008

This weekend

We are having a great weekend.

Friday night, we went to Stonecrest shopping center to hear some live music and eat some Taco's. We had fun walking around; the weather was wonderful in the high 70's. We went and got some ice cream than went home.

Saturday, Adron and Nathan went to go get Adron a tennis racket. We have a tennis court here at the apt. and also have a view of it. Adron is learning new sports these day. First golf, if you remember he steals the ball at the country club. Tennis is the latest. He can now hit the ball with one hand on the racket. BOOOO I didn't have my camera with me so I'll be getting more pictures later. He is really proud of the racket, one because his dad got it for him, and two it's new, he even took it to church with us.

After our tennis match, we cooked and headed out to Indian Trail to meet our friends for a cook out. The boys both went to sleep in the car, and wouldn't you know it Adron stayed asleep until we woke him up an hour later. The kids had so much fun playing in the bounce house. Ava, Korah, and Adron were posing for a picture. Grace had fallen out of the bounce house, and Noah, was still eating like a good boy! Thanks Ben and Kendra for opening up your home to us.

Sunday, we went to church. Things are getting better for me, just getting to church. I've started taking the kids to 2nd service; we can sleep in some, and go get donuts. ( we got donuts every Sunday in Dallas, Adron had a HUGE fit when we didn't do this when we can to Charlotte. I have now found the donut shop) This Sunday things were hard for the kids. Adron now know that we are not on vacation, we are really staying here. So going to Jr Worship is hard these days. He went fine into class, after class he wanted to sit with his friends. When it was time for Jr. Worship he wouldn’t go. So I made him go!! After lots of crying and a very long talk, I pushed him in and he did great. Mean while, I've got up from my seat during the service 3 times. I was thinking, ok maybe I can hear some of the lesson. No! My pager went off "Child UPSET" AHHH which one is it? Did I say I was sitting right up front? Oh yea, up again, and this time it was Houston??? WHAT?? He had been crying for a while and wouldn't take his bottle and should have been asleep. Bring him back into worship, he is happy and talking making as much noise has he could, but he was so happy!! 10 minutes later, church was over and I went to go get Adron. Yes, he was so happy and excited to show me what they had done in class... All I can say is don’t ask me what the lesson was about....

Today, Nathan is doing a service project, (that I did yesterday after all that) the boys are I am still in our pj's. Off to another cook out. The playgroup is at my house this week, so I have some work to do. Hope ya'll have a great long weekend...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First time in the Jonny Jumper

Mama's helper

My helper cooking dinner

This week...

This week has been better. We have been really busy and having lots of fun.

Houston is talking more. He can say "my dada" and he calls Adron something like "aaa daaann" The boys have been playing hidden' go seek this week. Adron gets a blanket and buts them both under it. I think this is a little to rough for Houston. Houston thinks this is so funny and can't get enough of it. He thinks playing with big brother is THE BEST!!!

Adron has been waking up Houston any and every times he goes to sleep. Adron also got into a school this week. United Faith, where he will be going for 4 weeks in the summer with his friend Elijah. 3 days a week, the fireman, butterfly man, policeman will be joining them each week. On Thursdays he will have a water day. I'm looking forward to a break and Adron has been asking to go to school, but he has been asking for Gussy, and Charlie. He also thinks his new cousin baby Owen is his friend from school. In the fall, he will be going 3 days a week. He will still have Spanish, music, and chapel.

This weekend we have a long weekend of bbq's, service projects, church, and pool time.

Few pictures of the boys from this week.

When Adron eats all his fruits and veggies at night, he gets a pot sickle. Houston thinks he needed a lick. You can see who gave it to him. I got to clean up the mess from the diaper. He really likes it, but we are going to wait awhile before he gets another one.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, to the Rangers

‘La La, Take me out to the ball game… You know how it goes. Friday night we deiced that it was time to check out the ball field to see how the Charlotte Knights were doing. At this time I’m feeling a little home sick. Wishing I was at the Rangers game in Dallas with my friends.
The Charlotte Knights are an AAA team in Fort Mill SC. The address is on Deerfield. Trying hard not to think this town is Red Neck. Also trying hard to remember this are NOT the Rangers playing, but college boys working there way up to the major league.
We get there; find a great place to park (this can’t be good). Head in to pay $7.00 a person, not bad, go all the way up to the top to find a seat. Again, great seats for the top. (Worried again) Adron loves to watch baseball. The kids as so much energy I can hardly keep up with him. At a baseball game he will sit and study the players it is unbelievable that he can sit that still. As I sit there I’m missing the smell of garlic fries. (Right Candice). No Rangers hats, blankets, and helmets to put our fries in. No we are watching these boys loose BIG TIME! Every other pitch the batter hits a foul ball into the crowd. So we were trying to keep the boys from getting hit. It’s cold, and I think we are still in Dallas, needed to wear our shorts and t-shirts. Luckily we had a hat for Houston and a blanket. Adron was fine with his Rangers shirt on. We only stayed for 3 innings maybe. It was kind of depressing to watch, thinking the whole time we could put Adron in there and he would have least hit the ball. Next time, yes we will give it a try again, we will get the $12 seat so Adron could, for the first time in his life, sit so he can see the baseball players sweat. You know it was poring down because they were loosing.
No I’m not bitter, just really missing my home in Dallas. Trying really hard to find my place in Charlotte. Or you could call me a baseball snob.

A really nice man took our picture. Adron was really scared of their mascot.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gotta watch that kid

Look who I found with Houston!!! Adron loves to be with Houston.

Bath time for Houston

With 2 kids now, it's hard for me to take pictures of them in the bath. I'm trying to keep Adron away from Houston. When we put Houston in the bath and Adron is around, Adron wants to get into the bath with him. We kept Adron busy so we could give Houston a bath and get some pictures.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our new sport

Nathan has Mondays off from work, so this is a time for me to get a break. It was time to fix dinner and I needed to pick a few things up. Nathan and Adron went to the Ballantyne Country Club to hit a few golf balls. The Ballantyne club, no we are not members and no the boys were not really playing golf. The club is a few steps away from our parking lot. And we really didn't even know it was there because of the trees.
They were picking up golf balls. Helping out the members maybe? Or how about bring 12 of them home. Good job guys!

I got them to look at me..

Monday, May 05, 2008

Houston in the Evening

Beach time!

Hear we go, The Tillotson family likes to spend time together in the car. This way we can talk, scream, laugh, cry, and sleep. We can't get on the computer, phone or watch tv. It's wonderful family time. Now, our trip to the beach was only a weekend trip. We left on Thursday night when Nathan got off work. While packing the car, lets say it was 5:50 I think, Nathan wants to know if super was ready? WHAT??? We are going on Va-CA are you kidding? Sure let me just get right on that. HELLO the beach!! There is no time for food. In the car we go. So, the trip that we thought should take about 2 1/2 hours or so, give or take with the baby. It took 4sh hours. We stopped 3 or 4 times food, gas, bathroom ect. We made it to the beach after lots of crying, screaming, and whining. The kids are now asleep and we thought as wonderful parents we are, we could take them up 3 sets of stairs and they would keep sleeping? NO WAY!! They had a fun little nap. It's 10:30 in the evening it's time to party and snack time... Adron doesn't need much sleep, so he thinks, so he is thinking it's time to go swimming. NO! Snack time, then bed.

Friday, what a beautiful day. Up for the sun to rise, that is how Adron rolls. 6:30ish in the morning. I starte cooking breakfast. We brought our own food, so we wouldn't spend much $, you know this is a Va-Ca, not for mom. Mom starts out with Coffee.. with all the juice. Eat breakfast, clean up, pack up and here we go.

Things you need that we didn't have when going to the beach.

Beach Blanket: This is so the sand doesn't get all over the towel. With kids they like to eat the sand.
Umbrella: This is for the children as well, stay safe from the sun rays.
Beach Bag: I forgot mine at home. This for looking cool.
Cooler: To keep brinks, baby food, formula cold
Sun glasses: This is for Nathan so he doesn't look silly in the girly ones with the cz on the side.
Buff and Tan body: This helps you feel better in your swim suit.

Ok you get the picture.

Our trip to the beach was short because we need those things to keep us safe, and happy.

It worked out ok, we were out there for 3 hours or so, need to get the kids lunch (because we are not spending any money) and take a nap. Really the nap was for M & D, way to tired from all the fun times in the car, and getting up at the crack of dawn.

Later that afternoon we went to the surf shop to find a few gifts that we need for other people. (Nothing for us.. boooo) and out to the beach again for photo time.

I had put the kids in there outfits that were matching to share with our blogger friends how cute our kids are. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I put the kids down in the sand, what would we do, but look at the sand. No one would look up at me. I even had my white shirt on but no family picture happen.

Time to eat again, clean up bed time. Not sure what time we went to bed. Nathan started a movie thinking that Adron would fall asleep to it.. but, if any of you know Adron, you know he doesn't fall asleep to a "show". Plus he hadn't watched any tv, his world was ending... he kept those eyes open for a long time.

Saturday morning. Our beach time had ended.... BOOOO!!! We all wanted to stay another day. We had breakfast, and it was out to the beach one more time. This time it was early and we ran into every old man we could find. They loved talking to Hosuton and watching Adron play in the water. Nathan gets excited, thinking he sees a shark?? I'm thinking it's a little to round fin pocking out of the water. It was fun to tell Adron it was a shark. No, it was really a dolphin, but really cool to see.
After more than an hour, this was going to be a fast walk. We needed to get back and clean up.

We had to hurry because our 2 1/2 long hour drive would take us 4 hours. We had a dinner to get back to at 5 in Charlotte.
We had the best time and I'm looking forward to many more time at the beach, maybe next time we can go out to eat...

For your records and mine....

Houston has another tooth. I can't get a picture yet, he has a hard time looking at me. Adron is way more fun to look at. But, I had to post a little post so when he is 20 and asks about when he got his teeth in I wanted to be able to tell him.

We have been to the beach, look for pictures soon. Well, they aren't that great, again no one wanted to look at me! I'm still finding sand today as I clean up. We brought the beach back with us...