Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer Time?

T he boys and I went to Toys R Us one weekend when Nathan was working on a Sat. We had fun looking at all the water toys and picking out something fun for the backyard. We found a super slip-n-slide that has a small pool that you land in. The age range is 3 tops year, but I felt like Houston could hang out in the pool side while Adron could act like a wild man.

Last weekend Adron stayed the night at a friends house, on Sat. Nathan and I set up the new pool, big excitement for Adron when he got home. We got home to late to show him, but Sunday morning to his surprise he had a pool to play in. The weather didn't work in our favor, as Adron says "God's bowling again". (it rains a lot) No swimming on Sunday, we insured him that we would try again on Monday. Monday was here, thats all Adron could talk about was hanging out in the pool. Again "God goes bowling" again and to add to the rain it was very very cold. We had on pants and long sleeves, disappointed again we took the boys to the "book store" (Barns and Noble) to keep minds off of cold weather.

Tuesday God put the bowling pins up and we enjoyed some sun shine after school while Houston slept. When Houston got up from his nap he joined us for some slip -n-slide' fun. I've said this so many times, Houston make the sweetest faces that make me LOL. He made lots of faces trying to be like his big brother and make it up the slide.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Super Hero

Mom made the boys hero capes for Easter, Houston loves his and loves to run after Adron.

More at Grandma Longbons

Adron and Houston on the steps at the Longbons, I remember when I was a little girl sitting on these step getting our picture taken. At Easter we would sit on her steps with our pretty dress that she had made. I never got a picutre with the boys looking at me.
Running down the road, another thing we did on the Holidays after we had ate the huge meal.
Grandma and Houston

Oh, but wait

If you look close you will see Adron picking at his jeans. heee but I love that Grandma Longbons house is in the background

Easter Sunday, Houston and his faces, this makes the perfect picture

The cows in granda field

I found the pictures in the 2007 file, not sure what happen, but so excited that I have these pictures to share.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Memeries will have to do

The next group of picture I'll have to tell you about them because some how, some way they are lost on the computer, deleted, we can't find them. We think that when Nathan pluged his phone in to save his picutres, his pictures got saved on top of mine. Nathan is always telling me to live in the moment, put the camera away, I always have my camera out trying to get the "money shoot". Nathan loved that I had my camera out this time we took pictures of the boys, and me when was the last time we all seen that? We had went on a adventure to Grandma Longbons's house to walk out in the field, play with the cows, play on the tracker, and enjoy the open sky and freedom that they boys may not see all the time in the city. We had took picture of the boys with grandma's house in the background, this meant a lot to me, grandma's house was the place I spent most of my summers. Riding my bike with my cousin Seily over to her house and playing up stairs for hours. A great picture of the cows grouped up in the field with he colors so bright.

Easter pictures from our house that I had took on Easter morning. Nathan had gone to church extra early that morning; he had 3 services to do and a musical during class time. Like most Sunday mornings it is my job to get everyone to smell nice, dress, feed, and out the door. On Easter you got to take a picture outside that what you do on Easter Sunday. This Sunday I had some extra time, I had all the clothes ironed, diaper bag packed, and bags packed the night before. (Leaving after church to go to IL) I get the kids out to take their picture with the pretty flower in the yard everyone saying "Cheese" pushes the button to snap the shoot, and the camera dies. Take the kids back in, get new batteries, bring them back out to do this all over again... didn't get that same pictures, happy and cheesing, but did get a really funny picture. Houston was making a cute face that made me laugh and Adron has it down pat how to act when I get the camera out. All that work, and lost it to!!!

The family and I are hoping one day they will just magically appear, lesson learned, don't delete them off your camera until you store them someplace else too.