Saturday, September 20, 2008


Houston and daddy making faces... awwww so cute!


We have been enjoying the weather here in the Carolina’s. Lots of baseball, outside eating, playground playing. Watch Nathan pitch the ball to Adron, he always hits a homerun. Houston likes to watch, and eat the balls.

Counting down the weeks, days, until the boy's birthdays. Adron has been waking up in the night just to ask if it's his birthday today. He has been helping his Grammy and Aunt Cassie plan his birthday part in IL. We ordered our golf gear for the party, we can't wait to play some "men-a-ture dulf" at the "potty". (party)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Houston helping me do the dishes

Here are a few pictures from the past month:
Adron was my little helper making cupcakes; he had just as much fun eating them as he did making them.
Houston, and his blonde hair, helping me put the dishes away
Adron's first day of school
Boys playing at our playground
House church at the park with Mr. Jim

First day of school




Wednesday, September 03, 2008


with my strike on blogging that is. Nathan has been giving me a hard time about my blogging lately so I gave up for awhile. Put I decide that our family and friends were in desperate need of knowing what we are up to here in the Caroline's.

Family news: We had a great long weekend hanging out with friends. Friday night Nathan and I went out without the kids, and the boys had fun with their babysitter. We went swimming, shopping, played some baseball. Sunday we went to church had lunch, supper, breakfast, lunch and supper with our friends the Loftis's. We went to there house so he boys could play, Elijah is Adron's age and Lawson is Houston's age so everyone has someone to play with. The adults stayed up until 1 a.m. eating and enjoying each other’s pictures of kids, wedding, and life before we knew each other. We stayed the night, didn't get much sleep because those kids get up so early. We stayed for breakfast, the older boys went to ride a train, and the mom's and the babies hung out and relaxed. By the time we got done talking it was lunchtime, so we had some lunch together. Sally is a really good cook, and I enjoyed watching and learning a few new things. Thanks Sally for all your hard work! We went home for a few hours then meet them again for supper at some more friends’ house. awww, I don't think that any of us have caught up on our sleep yet.

Adron news: He has started school, library classes, still keeping me on my toes. Everyday I can see how much older he is getting. He helps me out with Houston, or should I say telling on him or picking on him. Ms. Tammy is his new teacher; they have been painting, playing with "cars and tracks". On Friday they go to the 4 year old classroom and work on the "writing without tears" workbooks. He will also be doing activates with Elijah on Fridays. He played with Charlie and his two sisters they are the triplets in his class. He has been planning his birthday party that is in Oct. at his Grammy and Papaw's house. He wants everyone to play golf and eat "Chak-o-lut" cake. He says Houston's cake will be "menella". He wants" games, golf, toys, 2 movies, 10 balloons 2 of them to be small, and and and".

Houston news: He WALKS!!!! OH NO is right. He is on the move getting into everything, or should I say putting everything in his mouth. He loves table food, I've just done fruits and veggies, and he is doing really well. This week we are working on grapes and squash. Next week we are going to work on beans and pears. He has apples and green beans down pat. He also has a library class on Thursday mornings. Sing songs, play with toys, and read a story. He is still my good sleeper. With his blanky and pasy he gets a big smile when you lay him down. We took him to the Dr. and he weights 20 pounds, (25%) head is 90% and length is 90%.

Nathan news: been working hard, Zoe in Nashville in Oct. Nov, he is traveling and putting on his own workshop. The honeymoon phase is over and his job is becoming more changeling, put he enjoys it very much.

Macey news: Still trying to work on my training with Sally, because our race in at the end of the month. Missing Adron like crazy when he is at school, it's very quite around here. Keeping the place clean and picked up, my job is a lot easer without Big A running around here.