Monday, April 28, 2008

Aunt Sarah, Uncle Paul, Granny, and Riley with Hosuton

Sleeping with Papaw

Gotta have donuts with Papaw

Back up...

So back in March our life changed once again. We found out that we were moving to Charlotte NC. It was time to start packing and go to IL so our family could meet Houston. So Nathan went to NC at the first of March to find us a home. (after having the flu and being in bed for 3 days) Then he came back and spent a few days in the office before our big road trip to IL. On a Sunday afternoon after church, we started driving to IL.

Now, with 2 kids we couldn't just drive it in one day like we did back in the day. Houston needed to stop every 3 hours to eat and get out of the car seat. We started at a hotel that had a pool, so Adron could get all his wiggles out. Two day of driving and 3 days with our family. The first day I spent with Aunt Cassie. Shopping in Evansville IN. It rained that day. We looked at baby stuff, I bought, she never does. We also got our feet done. This is something I like to do with her because we also laugh until we cry. Aunt Cassie has great feet, and the staff that works on her always shows them off while they are working on them and afterwards. After our feet were done we had to go out in the rain and get them all wet. It was raining so hard we had to go a different way home, flood in the road.

The next day we stayed at Grammy Lesa's house to play with Cousin Carson. We had fun playing with him, and seeing how much he had grown over the past few months. I'm sure we ate great food, because that is what Etheridge's does best, but I can't remember what we had, I think day made some fish.

The last day we went to Mam Nancy's house. We played with bubbles and all the girls. Uncle Paul, Aunt Sarah were there too. Later that evening Aunt Jill and Uncle Matt came over so we could meet Wade. We ate pizza and it was good to see them.

We spent two more days in the car going back to Dallas. By this time I could hardly move my legs. Moving to the back seat to play with the boys, to the front seat then they were sleeping was all I could handle. Know that I was going to spend 3 more days in the car I thought I needed to get my back worked on.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun times outside

This is Adron's way of playing baseball talk about being safe.

Look who's sitting up

Hold onto your hates!

As most of you all know, Mr. Adron has never like fruit. Not even the thought of looking at it. Houston is now working on solid food so it was time we sat Adron down and had a talk about being healthy and hav'in' big guns. Too much suprise he is eating fresh fruits! Houston too! We are so happy that the both of them will be healthy growing boys. Adron we are so proud of you, thanks for trusting your dad and mom. Houston, way to set the bar so high.

This is what we thought about the fruit! Haaaa haaa j/k

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My helper..

This is my helper making a mess while a cook... He was talking to Adron and I telling us about his straw..

Ta Da!!! Hurry look, this is the boys room all cleaned up!

The ball glove was mine in High School, it's now retired.

Today we worked on putting stuff on the walls

This is the boys bathroom..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well we tried

Well I thought I would take the boys out today to take there picture. Well, at least this gives you an idea of where we live and what it looks like. The boys had a hard time looking at me, they wanted to make faces of each other.. we will try again later

Some pictures from our drive to NC

The boys hanging out in the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel. We ate there every time we saw one. We had our fare share of veggies.

Adron wanted to carry his camera bag like mommy carries her bag.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another good day

Life is good. God blesses us at all times. I'm off every Monday so we always have time for play.

This is Houston eating puffs for the first time. He only threw up a little..

At the baseball game...Houston's first

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey is a picture of Houston when we were at Papaw and Grammy's house.

Our friends

I couldn't resist posting this. We miss all our Dallas friends!

Nathan, Macey, Adron and Houston