Friday, December 29, 2006

Hello from Texas!

Aunt Sarah,
Kristin made it! I'm so glad she is here. Thank you for letting her come. Hello, Riley and Kaylee. We wish you were here too!
Love, Adron

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

And so it is Christmas!
Macey and I are excited to play Santa and Mrs. Claus for the first time this year. Adron is well on his way to fully pronouncing "Christmas" and we are nearly done wrapping gifts.

We have decided to begin Tillotson family traditions this year. We drove around Dallas looking at Christmas lights. While doing so we quickly learned that today is the day Adron has begun repeating everything we say. Which means Macey will have to stop saying "@#^%". J/k.

We arrived back at the house and opened up one gift each. Macey was pleased to receive new house slippers as I had thrown her previous pair in the can. Adron and I were both delighted by my bag of peppermint nougats. And Adron is happy with his new Christmas pajamas...also a new tradition. We read the Christmas story of Christ and Adron went to bed (after saying "eat, eat, eat" like he always does when he wants to not do what you want him to do.).

We have had a blast this year celebrating the holidays. Adron is at just the right age for having nothing but fun! In preparation for the arrival of grandparents we are painting the guest bedroom. In the midst of the process Adron performed his first act as Dad's official "gofer". Gofer this, gofer that. This is something I did for my dad and am happy to pass this tradition down to other Tillotson generations. Good work, Adron!

Of course, being Dad's goofer has its rewards. Dad's Starbucks is no longer Dad's Starbucks. "Hey, Adron! That's my green tea frappicino!"

This morning we worshipped together. Adron came with us to big church. He sat there the whole time and repsonded to Dwight's questions in the sermon saying, "I do, I do!". I don't think I even heard the question. :)

May God bless you all this holiday season. Merry Christmas!