Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip to IL, more pictures to come

Adron and Cousin Carson

Last Sunday at Skillman COC

Easter was our last Sunday in Dallas. We will be moving to Charlotte NC on Wed. We had a great Sunday, Easter egg hunt ( I think Adron found the most eggs), breakfast, pictures with our friends, saying good-bye. We had lunch with our good friends the Rob, Candice and Madeline. We had yummy food and the boys all fell asleep. I went home to work on the house, the packers came today. Thanks Candice for the wonderful Easter dinner and watching over my guys so I could get some work done.

We will be staying with our friends tomorrow night because the movers will be here to move all our stuff. We have had a wonderful time in Dallas and will miss you all very much.

Easter Sunday

The family at Easter

Friday, March 14, 2008

Last day of school

Here is Adron with his friends hunting eggs. Adron had to said good-bye to his friends today. Gussy and Adron will have a play date the day after Easter. Gussy gave Adron a going away gift this week. It was a picture in a frame of the two of them. Adron was so excited that he said "Gussy" and gave the frame a huge hug...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Texas Pride

Tonight I was explaining to Adron that we will be moving to Charlotte NC. He thought I was talking about that spider and a web. Once I told him that he would be getting a new house, new school, new church and new friends, this is how he reacted. Don't mess with Texas!

Houston a.m. bath

Hosuton took a bath this morning, happy boy

Dinner time

Hosuton is now opening his mouth for me. I have been opening it for him. Now I can't get it in fast enough. He still likes it warmed up, we are working on the one

Adron asked

Adron wanted to share his bath with Houston

Snow day

The weather guys here are so funny about the weather. They say things are going to happen and most of the time they don't. Thursday they said all day that "it's going to snow" "it's going to snow". Well, when we were going to bed had it snowed? Big FAT NO! As I was going to bed the weather guy said that was the end of the storm and we would have a cold, but clear evening and morning. BUMMER! As to my suprise can you guess what happen in the night? Yes, SNOW! I woke everyone up by opening the blinds. Glad it came so Adron could see it. We didn't get to play in it long because we had to go to school and it was all gone when we got home.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Easter pictures

Today both of the boys had fevers, so we couldn't go to church. I was so disapointed in this because every first Sunday of the month is TWW, Together We Worship. The service is devoted to kids. Nathan leads kid friendly songs, plus the kids get to go up front to hear the Bible story. It feels good to have the family together like that.

Every Sunday I take Adron to get donuts. So we left at 7:30ish to the donut shop. We spent the morning cleaning and working on Adron's trains. Now, Adron feels fine he just had a low grade fever so I still have to work really hard to keep him entertained and keep him moving so he will go to sleep tonight. Houston on the other hand is my sleeper, so most of the day today he has slept, ate, took some Motrin, and back to sleep again.

I was able to keep Houston up long enough before it started raining on us to take some picutres. Adron is so silly. I was telling him to put his face by Houston's face and this is what I got.

I did however, get some good pictures for our Easter cards.

Happy Sunday, that is what our donut lady says to us every Sunday.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Adron and his crackers

Adron says the craziest things sometimes, and this one made me laugh ... He loves a snack before bed. We love to give him one becaucse that means he will sleep longer. If you know Adron sleeping is NOT his favorite thing to do. We had just went to the store and I bought our favorite crackers Ritz honey butter. UMMMM they are so good! Adron was so excited he said (with his hands up) "Mommy" you bought to me? As he was holding the box up I had to take a picture. Then after the picture he said "toot cute" I guess he has heard me say that a few times. To cute..