Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hosuton the Chef

Houston is my little helper. He has been helping me put things in boxes, if we are putting in books in the box, he will put blocks in the box. I love the help! We will put things in right places when we get to the new house. Thursday night H was helping me cook and as I was moving a pan off the HOTTT stove he put his sweet little fingers on the burner. Trying to find my phone, down the stairs to my car with both kids, up the stairs, down the stairs, up again I found it. Called the family Doctor, he was breathing so they wouldn't talk to us, called Nathan, called my mom. Couldn't find Adron's shoes to take them to Urgent Care, Houston needed pants and a jacket, both kids in the car! Did I tell you how Houston was screaming all this time? Adron has no shoes, carry both boys in and we get fixed up. His three little fingers are burned pretty badly. They gave him pain meds, some cream to put on his burn, and wrapped it. He is doing really well, and when he takes off his wrap he tells us to put it back on. I think it feels better when it's on.