Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We are better

After a week of being sick, Adron tonight can sit and eat a meal and not get sick. He is my skinny boy. Here are a few picture's tonight at dinner, we had a really good time around the table

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where we left off...

We are back home, still recovering from our wonderful time with Miss Maddie, Candice and Rob. The rest of the trip was more fun times at the beach, sand everywhere you look or stand, it was even in my gum. Candice was great about organizing our food and cooking for us. On Wednesday we went to the Giggling Mac? Something? We called ahead and there was an hour and 1/2 wait so the guys went on a head to wait it out for us while mom's and kids got ready. It was a fun place to hang out, Adron found golf, not sure how he found it, really family friendly place. When you go to a place to eat on the beach you should really order something fishy, but Candice and I don't like seafood. Thank goodness, because it was $17 a plate for friend shrimp. OUCH! I got a side salad, which was really pretty good, and then ate off of everyone else's plates. Adron was to excite to eat because there was golf on the main floor. Houston was busy gagging on something green he found and Miss Maddie wasn't to interested in her grilled cheese sandwich so I helped her out on that. Next time we won't go back there, Candice's cooking was way better! Also by Wednesday night the girls were crying because they won't be seeing each other for months again. The boy's were already tried of this; they reminded us that we had many more days to hang out with each other before the trip was over.

Back up on Wednesday went to the beach, it takes about 30 min to get the outside stuff ready, umbrella’s, chairs, blankets ect. By the time that's all up, you get the kids out there and they last about 30 minutes and they wanna go in. The guys took them in, and Candice and I got to hang out on the beach. I can't sit still so I spent my time in the water getting beat up. Candice enjoyed her book in the shade (she had gotten way to much sun the day before) I had fun in the water, riding those waves is a blast!

Thursday we went back home. Ordered pizza, went to Target and crashed. Candice and I woke up in the night getting sick.. The only thing that we had ate different then everyone else was Strawberry/mint gum. Watch out don't chew it!!! We spent the rest of the morning getting sick, then the afternoon sleeping. Not the day we had planned.

What we really wanted to be doing:
Shopping (great shop I wanted to take her to called Hand picked)
Going out to eat
Hear some music in the evening.

We ended up going to "Chic-a-lay" (that is what Adron calls it) for some soup; we hadn't had anything to eat all day! That made me fill better, I even cleaned after that...

Saturday Nathan took them to the airport for a sad good bye, then it was off to a wedding and some friends came over to swim with us.

Thanks Candice for cleaning all our clothes, and being such wonderful guest! Can't wait until the next trip! We got to get that shopping in!

Today we are just hanging out. We had a great church service this morning. Houston got to hang out with me because he wasn't aloud in his class because he had to many poopy diapers this morning. It was nice to have him sit with me. He was soooo good. Everyone here is asleep, we have life group tonight, I'm thinking about closing my eyes for a while.

Check out our Malabo children

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hello from the beach

We just wanted to say hello and give you a update on our trip. The kids are having so much fun together again. Maddie is fun to be around and it's really fun to have a girl in the mix. We spent yesterday at the beach, hanging out at our place and walking to the ice cream shop (then the guys had to run back to get the cars because the babies were to tired)

A few high lights of the boys:

Houston got 2 more teeth in so he has had a hard time in the car, screemed for 2 hours. Candice and I got in the car with Adron because we couldn't handle it any more. He is doing better eating everything off the floor then gaging on it later.. ok maybe not much better

Adron learned a new dive, he calls it the "Praying to God dive" He puts his hands together like he is praying and then thinks he dives in. I don't have a picture of this yet I was in the pool with him. Adron and Nathan went to play some golf, Adron said "I don't wanna go to du beach i'd play golf better" with this proud look on his face. Last night when we went to the golf there was a long line at every hole. Not much to do here but play golf and eat.

I am taking a break with the babies. Houston and Maddie are sleeping. I went jogging this morning and went 6 miles I think, did not mean to do this, the gate was locked when I got back so I had to turn around and go another way... sound crazy, I know, it's a long story and no one thinks this happen around here... it's off to read a book "the shack" it's really good.

having trouble with pictures check back soon