Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 9th Easter

We have had lots of Easter events between school, church and a road trip.

Adron had an Easter egg hunt on the "big" playground, Nathan came to join us because I needed to be with my class on the "small" playground and Houston is in my class so it worked out this way I could be with him. More picture of Houston that day because I had the camera but Nathan had his fancy phone. I had my kids practice in the classroom picking up eggs and putting them into your bag. They didn't really get it, or my expiations were a little too high. They didn't care about the eggs, they didn't have any candy in them any, all they cared about is they got to out to the playground again and ride bikes. Everyone got a little treat bag to take home that way it would be far to everyone. Love this idea, not so much candies this way and they put fun things in there like books and bubbles.

Adron had his candy ate by the time he got to me, I'm sure he had a little help from his daddy.

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