Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 4th catch up

At the start of April we had a few nice days of sunshine. We breeze was somewhat cold, but it was nice just to see the sun so we could go outside. Last year in Charlotte it didn't rain so much and we had a drought forever. This year we have been making up for it and it rains about every 4 days or so. On this Saturday we got out of the house early to begin our adventures of the day.

Adron want to be a super hero these days and will get into costume anytime you will let him. Thanks to some friends he know has, Spiderman, superman, robin, caps (my mom made) and light savers... ect... He will wear these fancy outfits to the store, park, to ride his bike and mow the lawn. We are thankful that he is using his imagination and not wanting to watch a "show" all the time. He is also into guns, wipes, racecar drivers, we went to some yard sales together and have found some great toys and superheroes for a few dollars, and he’s a good shopper.

Houston is into drinking out of juice boxes, he makes the cutest faces when he drinks out of a straw. Anytime you open to door he wants to be outside with you. He talks really really fast these days to keep up with Adron and his superhero talk, which we can't really make out what he is saying. His favorite words are yep, no, cookie (he's really talking about a cracker) He loves chocolate, and yes to those of you who know me well your thinking I don't give it to him. He eats so well that he makes the cutest faces when you give him M&M's. He loves to eat bean, apple (and says it really clear) grape (when we are in Sams he goes nuts when he see's them) green beans (he calls them beans) still working on meat he will eat a McDee's cheeseburger any day, yuck! You can catch him hanging out behind Adron doing whatever Adron is doing. Houston is 19 months going on 4 he thinks.

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